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Year 11

Christmas Carol Text

Monday 11th January - Friday 15th January

You need to have completed lessons 1 to 8 of the Oak Acdemy Christmas Carol lessons before starting this week's lessons. You will need to read Stave 3 and 4 of Christmas Carol to complete these lessons. There are audio recordings of the story being read on youtube if you find it easier.


Scrooge in the present

In this lesson, we examine the messages Dickens conveys through the Cratchit family.


Family and friendship

In this lesson, we will examine some of the ways that Dickens presents the virtues of friendship and family.


Scrooge and The Children

In this lesson, we will examine how Dickens uses the symbolic children of Ignorance and Want.



Tuesday 5th January - Friday 8th January

Read Stave 1 and 2 of Christmas Carol 

Complete the following Oak Academy lessons by clicking the link


1. Insight into Dickens' life

In this lesson, we will begin to explore how Dickens' personal life and experiences influenced his writing of 'A Christmas Carol'.


2. Meeting Scrooge

In this lesson, we are introduced to the central character of 'A Christmas Carol', Mr Ebenezer Scrooge.


3. Scrooge, charity & poverty

In this lesson, we will explore how Scrooge interacts with other characters and his attitudes towards charity and poverty.


4. Scrooge and London

In this lesson, we will explore the presentation of London and Scrooge's rooms and how they are used to further develop our understanding of the character of Scrooge.


5. Marley's Ghost

In this lesson, we will examine the role Marley's ghost plays in the novella.


6. The Ghost of Christmas Past

In this lesson, we will examine the messages conveyed through the Ghost of Christmas Past.


8. Scrooge in the past (Part 2)

In this lesson, we will examine some key moments in the life of Scrooge and how these moments help to shape him in the future.