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Task African Masks Friday 21st May 2021

Hi KS3.


I hope that you are keeping well and working hard during this week of home learning.


On Friday you took home the work for this week which is to complete your plan for your African mask design. I have also attached the worksheet here for you if you were not in school on Friday.


You need to draw your design in the space provided on the worksheet and include patterns that relate to the designs that we have studied in previous lessons. 

Then you need to complete the list of resources and materials required in the space provided on the worksheet.


For an extension task, you can choose an image of African artwork or artefact and complete an analysis of the elements of art used in the piece. Remember that the elements of art are:  line, mark-making, shape, texture, form, space, colour and value. You should also say what like/dislike about the piece and explain why.

You can complete this extension task on PowerPoint, Word, Publisher or on paper. You can print the image you are analysing or if you feel up to a challenge, you can draw the image! If you don't have access to a printer you can send the image to your school email and we can print it off in school next week or send it to my email address and I can print it ready for next week's lesson. 


If you have any queries or concerns about your art work for this week then please contact me on my email:


You will need to bring your completed art work to school on Monday 24th May.