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Therapeutic support

Therapeutic Provision at Merit


We believe that our therapeutic provision underpins our students’ journey to lifelong recovery and academic achievement.


At a general level, Merit offers small group teaching within a nurturing environment where all teaching groups are assisted by at least one experienced teaching assistant, allowing students to feel safe and supported. Working alongside the teaching staff, teaching assistants not only facilitate learning but specifically support students who may be experiencing the stresses of readjusting to life back in education, often after lengthy periods of time out.


A Therapeutic Curriculum

Whilst we have an academic focus, our therapeutic curriculum includes creative subjects and outdoor learning. These are scientifically proven to improve overall wellbeing and mental health by bringing fun, relaxation and a distraction from the stresses endured by our young people in their daily lives.


CBT Therapist

All students at Merit are free to access support from our NHS commissioned CBT Therapist who is a vital part of the whole staff team. Students are assessed on entry and are closely monitored throughout their stay. Packages of care include intensive counselling therapy, where a student may require trauma work for example, to regular check-ins.


All staff have mental health training to enable them to understand and manage the complex needs of our students and to keep them safe. The CBT Therapist works intensively with parents and other professionals as part of the service.



In addition, many of our young people are known to, and are receiving treatment from, Community CAMHS. In such cases, we aim to work closely with key workers, psychologists and psychiatrists to ensure the best possible outcomes and a re-engagement learning in preparation for life after Merit.