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Key Stage 3

KS3 Reproduction and Variation

Hi KS3

I have attached a word document which will explain the Science work to be covered for this week beginning 11th January 2021.   All the lessons are linked to Oak Academy which you are all familiar with.  Please follow the links for each of the lessons which I have provided on the attached word documents. 

Also, you have all got the black and green Revision Guide books and the white practice workbooks at home.

You can find the topic on Reproduction and complete the questions in your workbook.

This is an additional resource to the online lessons above.

This is an additional resource to the online lessons above, where you can practice answering exam style questions.

Finally, I would like you to email me photos of either the completed online worksheets and/or the exam practice workbook pages on a weekly basis at


It is very important that you continue with your learning and it allows me to monitor your progress and provide you with feedback. 

Many thanks

Mrs Evans

I look forward to seeing your work.