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What do parents and visitors have to say about Merit?


To all at Merit
I hope you’re well and keeping safe.

Just wanted to drop a quick email to let you know that Anson has got accepted into university on a four year course in games design, this will include one year placement which he is keen to do. We can’t thank you enough for supporting Anson through his darkest moments and showing that people in education don’t always let them down. He still talks about Merit and how it helped him, so thank you very much.

Andrew Thompson


"I just don't know how to say thank you - after going through the worst year of our lives watching our daughter struggle, you came into our lives! You picked her up with a big 'Merit Hug' and never let her go...before our eyes she made friends, recovered her sense of humour (- dinner won't be the same the Winrow anecdotes!!) and her sparkle slowly came back. With this followed her determination, views of the future and, most importantly, replaced hopelessness. She has made life-long friends and we cannot thank you enough. She still struggles but every day makes another step towards recovery with a big Jujitsu kick!

Mrs Harvey, year 11 parent


"Merit have allowed my daughter to return to education at a pace that is right for her which has taken a lot of pressure off us both. She is getting back to a happy, confident girl who loves education."

Michelle Vaughan - year 10 parent


"I have a much lighter, brighter child who feels listened to and is more keen to learn"

Nicola Porter - year 11 parent


"She has commented on how much more positive the teachers are in their approach - she is feeling stronger"

Janice Dillon - year 11 parent


"The school has turned my daughter's life around, she's now a totally different girl, I cannot thank the school enough for what they have done."

Miss Jackson - year 11 parent


"The teachers are brilliant, if there's a problem I can speak to them. There's a friendly atmosphere and I love you all"

L Cowperthwaite - year 10 parent


"Merit has given me back my son and I cannot thank you enough, I know I am his mother, but he is so special and has a heart of gold which Merit could see"

Jane Thompson - year 11 parent


"My daughter believes in herself again, even on 'off-days' she knows it's okay. Her school work has gone back up and I have my bright, bubbly girl back"

Donna Bailey - year 9 parent


I just wanted to thank you again for a wonderful experience at Merit, all your staff made me feel extremely welcome and we definitely did not want to leave! Your children and staff are a credit to you and it was so lovely to see how highly they speak of you. Your lovely school gives so many opportunities to pupils and the child is definitely at the centre of everything you do, which is so great to see. Every child I spoke to said how amazing the school was and how happy they were there! There was so much positivity throughout the whole school and it made my experience truly great! Thanks again 

Amelia Rhead (University of Derby, PGCE Student)


When any problems have arisen they have been sorted by the staff with no delay - thank you!

D B McFarlane


My son has flourished since being at Merit. The change in him has been noticeable and he is much more comfortable than he was at his previous school. Every day is no longer a battle to get him to go in. He seems much happier and stable in his routine overall. 

Mrs L Bromley - Year 9 Parent


I cannot praise Merit enough for everything and all their help - my daughter is a different person

Miss J Barlow - Year 9 parent


My son gets all the support he needs. To go from 0% to 100% attendance just tells you how good Merit really is. 

Mrs Moore - Year 10 parent


We have seen an enormous difference since she started attending this school - we have our happy girl back again!

Mrs Capewell - Year 9 Grandparent


Absolutely magical, all schools should be sprinkled with Merit magic. Thanks so much. I have total trust and confidence in my daughter's time at school. 

Mrs D Walklett - Year 9 Parent


I can't thank Merit enough for the support they give both to myself and my child. In mainstream school my child would not have overcome what they have here. The staff are amazing and the other students are just brilliant. I am proud to say my child attends this school and would tell anyone Merit is a 10/10 school! Thank you

Year 9 parent


My daughter has enjoyed her time at Merit after an initial shaky start. She has found a good small group of friends and we have seen her grow in confidence to become a completely different person to how she was 12 months ago. It is a shame she did not come to Merit 12 months earlier or that she can't do another 12 months. Her last school were prepared to give up on her - you've given her a chance.

Mr Lithgoe, Year 11 parent


There is no way my child would cope in mainstream. Merit is personable and understands my child's needs both personally and academically.

Year 10 parent


My daughter has blossomed at Merit and that is all thanks to the AMAZING staff! Thank you!

Mrs Harvey - Year 11 Parent