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What do parents have to say about Merit?


"Merit have allowed my daughter to return to education at a pace that is right for her which has taken a lot of pressure off us both. She is getting back to a happy, confident girl who loves education."

Michelle Vaughan - year 10 parent


"I have a much lighter, brighter child who feels listened to and is more keen to learn"

Nicola Porter - year 11 parent


"She has commented on how much more positive the teachers are in their approach - she is feeling stronger"

Janice Dillon - year 11 parent


"The school has turned my daughter's life around, she's now a totally different girl, I cannot thank the school enough for what they have done."

Miss Jackson - year 11 parent


"The teachers are brilliant, if there's a problem I can speak to them. There's a friendly atmosphere and I love you all"

L Cowperthwaite - year 10 parent


"Merit has given me back my son and I cannot thank you enough, I know I am his mother, but he is so special and has a heart of gold which Merit could see"

Jane Thompson - year 11 parent


"My daughter believes in herself again, even on 'off-days' she knows it's okay. Her school work has gone back up and I have my bright, bubbly girl back"

Donna Bailey - year 9 parent