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Weekly Challenge

After the amazing first challenge last half term, it's time for round 2!

This week's challenge is to create a dish inspired by Summer! 


You may choose to create a family favourite or research a brand new recipe.

Please submit pictures of your dish to me via email - by Wednesday 10th June to enter.


I can't wait to see the wonderful creations. 


Mrs Ball 😊

Some of the entries so far....

Enter March Hamilton's 'Worlds From Home' writing competition!


Between 1st May & 22nd May 2020, we're running a creative writing competition for young people in the UK in lockdown, with the chance to get your work published! Three runners up will also receive a National Book Token each.


The winning submissions will be turned into an e-book and physical book with a copy sent to each of the winners and a percentage of profits being donated to charity. (Details TBA)


There are no restrictions on what you write about, we want you to have fun and get creative! 


You have up to 500 words, but we don't mind how you use them. Write a story, a monologue, a poem... The only things we ask are that you only submit one piece of writing and that you do not include your name or anything that identifies you on the story/poem etc. for judging purposes.


You can submit your entry by clicking the link below:

Calling all students, get creative and celebrate your designs with the people of Staffordshire. Have a go at designing your own Stokie angel. Be as creative as you want with your designs. Go bright, bold, black and white, glittery, 3D etc. Please send a photo of your designs via email to Mrs O'Keefe and Mrs Whiteley so we can get them put on our Twitter page and on the Staffordshire Day celebration page. Enjoy!!! 


Mrs O'Keefe 😁

Hi Everyone


Check out the blog page to find out about the 2.6/26 challenge!


Maths Challenge
Play β€˜escape’ (mymaths, games, metal games, escape).
Email screen shot of score.
All entries win an egg, the highest score wins a chocolate one!