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Week 12 - Home Learning 22nd June 2020

Week 7 - Home Learning 11th May 2020

Week 6 - Home Learning 4th May 2020

Week 5 - Home Learning 27th April 2020

Week 4 - Home Learning 20th April

Week Three - Home Learning 30th March 2020


This week I would like you to continue working through your ‘Issues of Life and Death’ work books. Please follow the instructions on the week 3 lesson 1 and 2 document.


Any problems please feel free to email me at:


Keep working hard

Mrs O’Keefe 😀

Issues of Life and Death Lesson 1 and 2

Week Two - Home Learning 23rd March


Year 10, for your two periods of RE this week, I would like you to use your Issues of Life and Death workbooks to complete:


  • Orgins of Life pages 11 and 12 and complete Task 4


  • Animal Rights pages 13-14 and complete Task 5


  • Sanctity of Life pages 15-16 and complete Task 6


Any problems please email me at


Thank you


​​​​​​​Mrs O'Keefe 😁

Week One - Home Learning 18th March


Hi Year 10,


This week you would normally have RE for 2 lessons on Friday. Therefore,  I would like you to read pages 1-7 in your Life and Death work books and complete tasks 2 and 3. You can complete tasks on paper, on a word document or in the book. You can email photos of completed work, scanned in work or on a word document. If you have any questions or queries please feel free to email. My email address is


I look forward to hearing from you


Mrs O'Keefe 😁