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World Book Day Competition with Feasted

To celebrate World Book Day 2021, Feasted (Feast with Friends), have launched a competition to 

make your own savoury or sweet dish inspired by your favourite book

They would like you to be as creative as you can and consider how you can incorporate your favourite book into your dish – might it be linked to the title? 

A key character? A moment in the book? Choose 3-5 ingredients – it can be weird and wonderful, be as creative as you like! 

Ideas to get you thinking: 

Matilda – a Bruce Bogtrotter type chocolate cake? 

Harry Potter – Butterbeer cupcakes/Molly Weasley’s beef stew? 

A Christmas Carol – Christmas inspired dish, could you use the traditional ingredients but in a more interesting way? 


You must be able to explain how your dish links to your favourite book. Make your dish and take a photograph of it and we will enter via Twitter. 




Box of ingredients and equipment to use at home to improve your cooking. 


A workshop with Feasted 


Deadline for entries: Thursday 4th March


We will be celebrating World Book Day in school on Friday 5th March. We would love to see you dressed up as your favourite book characters