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Welcome back to the Summer Term

Message from the Teacher in Charge, Mel James


I hope that you and your families are safe and well during this very strange and difficult time, but I would like to welcome you all to the final term of this academic year where remote learning has become our new “normal”, at least for the short term.


As you will be aware, the lockdown has now been extended for a further three weeks, taking us to the 7th May, 2020.  Prior to the Easter holidays we operated, with your support, a “virtual school” with staff providing a coordinated academic, pastoral and therapeutic programme of learning. The response from you all has been overwhelmingly positive and we hope to continue this high level of support until the time comes when we can safely re-open our doors and normal school life can gradually resume. This term we will continue to roll out the provision, but with some amendments for Year 11 and Year 10, which I will explain in more detail later.


In the meantime, I’d like to thank you all for the way in which you have supported your child to continue to engage with learning. Please remember that you are not alone. All of our contact details are here on the website. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with your concerns.


Remote Learning:

Our existing timetable continues to be a framework for lessons each day. We have operated 4 “themed” days for all year groups, where subject specialists will lead the days, supported by the Pastoral and Therapeutic Teams Monday to Friday.


Monday: English: (all Years) plus individual interventions

Tuesday: Maths:  (all years) plus individual interventions

Wednesday: Science: (Year 11 wc 20/04/20, Year 10 wc 27/04/2020) *EMERGENCY OPENING

Thursday: Humanities: Year 11 wc 20/04/2020, Y10 wc 27/04/2020     *EMERGENCY OPENING

Fridays: Literacy and Numeracy (Year 7).

All staff are all available for marking, feedback and consolidation and will call or email individual pupils or parents if additional support is required.  


During these days, the pastoral and therapeutic teams will be busy making telephone calls to parents and pupils to check on your wellbeing and to offer support. This will continue until school re-opens.


Mrs Keates will continue to work hard to provide intervention work for all, so that any gaps in learning are still being effectively targeted. Helen, the school counsellor, will continue to check in on pupils who need ongoing counselling support.


Alongside academic learning, assessments and written tasks, staff have set additional activities, challenges and quizzes for pupils to engage with in their “down time”. These can be found on our website.


Our programme allows for autonomy and flexibility in the way pupils can approach their daily studies, to allow for individual family circumstances, whilst still having the support to make progress.

We recommend the following learning routine for our students, so that when normal school resumes, it is not such a shock!


Time of day



Be out of bed and dressed

Check emails from teachers and plan the day’s tasks


Remote learning time: read all sources of materials and plan/draft and complete the learning activities for that day (eg Monday is English)

The teacher will be available at this time, supported by all the Teaching Assistants.


Take a break. Have some food, catch up with friends and family or get some fresh air.


Further work, if needed. Speak with teachers and TAs to get feedback, submit your completed assignment for marking.


LUNCH. Enjoy some free time as its really important for overall wellbeing. Go for a walk, cook some lunch, chat with friends or watch an episode of a favourite TV programme; whatever makes you feel happy!


Check emails for feedback comments and make improvements to your work. Check what you will need for tomorrow’s subject; send emails to your teacher to ask any important questions. Make sure you are ready for a smooth start tomorrow.

Engage in other activities on the website such as KUDOS, the Careers programme, or other art, craft, quizzes and PE activities.