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Easter baking- It's all yummy maths!

Easter maths quiz- Just for fun. Answers emailed to Mrs Bleackley

How To Carry Out A Percentage Increase Problems Using Decimal Multipliers

This video will show you how to increase an amount by percentage using a decimal multiplier. First you will need to add the percentage onto 100%. Secondly co...

Week commencing- 30.3.20


Hi KS3

Hope you are all keeping well. This week:

Year 9- Continue with sequences work posted last week. Move on to the more challenging sections when you feel confident.

Year 8- Continue with 'Number Patterns and Sequences' posted last week. You should finish 7.1 and 7.2 sections by Friday.

Year 7- Complete the work emailed to you by Friday.


Remember there is a video to watch if you are unsure.


I am also putting on a couple of games, just for fun. The answers are there too- so no peeping!wink 


Mrs Bleackley


The nth Term - Corbettmaths

Corbettmaths - This video shows how to find the nth term and how to use it to find terms in a sequence. Exam Questions:

Week Commencing 23.3.20


Hi KS3


Hope you are all well. Thank you to those who have completed maths work already.      This week we are working on sequences. There is a video clip to explain the learning, plus work for Year 7/8 and separate work for Year 9. Remember that you must be doing at least 4 hours of maths each week. Please email all completed to me by Friday.


I do miss you all. Keep safe.


Mrs Bleackley    

Hi KS3


Hope you are all okay. I know that technically we have done maths for this week, but I am putting some tasks on just in case we are not open on Monday. There is work for years 7/8 and separate work for Year 9 which I will update regularly if we remain closed. Year 9, you are free to dip into KS4 work if you feel ready. Similarly have a go at Year7/8 tasks if you feel less confident or want more practice. Please email completed work to me on


I am attaching a powerpoint on linear equations, if you need a refresher on what we have covered.


Have fun!


Mrs Bleackley