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Week 3 - Home Learning 30th March 2020


This week I would like you to read through the coasts power point and then answer the questions and draw the diagrams on the worksheet attachment. If you would prefer to write it out on paper that is totally acceptable.


Any problems please feel free to email at:


Keep working hard


Mrs O’Keefe 😀

Week 2 - Home Learning 23rd March 2020


For your 2 periods of Geography this week I would like you to complete Lesson 2 and 3 - Coasts, Weathering and Erosion worksheets. Go through the power point and complete the tasks as you go. Please don’t feel you need to print off worksheets to complete tasks, you can draw them out. Any problems, questions or queries please feel free to email me at


Keep working hard and stay positive


Mrs O’Keefe 😀

Week One - Home Learning 18th March


Hi Year 10,


I have added a new topic for your home learning. The topic we are starting is Coasts. I have put one lesson on so far which includes some worksheets which need completing. If you do not have a printer at home, I am  more than happy for you draw out labelled diagrams. If you have any questions or queries feel free to email me. My email is


Mrs O'Keefe 😁