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Week 2 - Home Learning 23rd March 2020


This week Year 11 would normally have 2 periods of Geography and a period 6 session, therefore I will be setting work for these periods. I will order these lesson 1, 2 and period 6. You are going to start your write up of our Westport Lake field trip as well as completing past paper exam questions. All of this work will be marked and used to support your overall GCSE grade. It is really important that you complete all of the work set to the best of your ability.

Any problems, questions or queries please email at


Keep working hard and stay positive 


Mrs O’Keefe😀

Lesson 1 - Westport lake evidence

Week 2 - Period 6



Please keep your exercise books safe as these might be needed as evidence to support your final GCSE grade.


Thank you


Mrs O'Keefe 😁

Week One - Home Learning 18th March​


Hi Year 11 Geographers,


This week I would like you to complete your A3 Weather and Climate revision questions sheets (if you have not already done so).I would also like you to complete your A3 Climate Change revision questions sheets. These are in your folders in Theme 2. If you have any queries or questions feel free to email me. I would like photos of your completed sheets emailed to me at 


I look forward to hearing from you


Mrs O'Keefe 😁