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Week 15 - Monday 13th July


Hi Year 10,


Hope you are all well. We've made it to the last week of term! :)


Thank you for all of your hard work over the last few months. Please send any work that you have completed to: by the end of the week please.


I would like you to write a non-fiction piece this week. I have attached a PPT presentation below to work through, the 'Deconstructing' and 'Planning' sheets for a non-fiction text and the example response that are all referred to throughout the lessons. Please send me your work by the end of the week as normal and I will send you some feedback.


I will also be uploading a Summer English Language Booklet for you. This booklet will have activities throughout to help you develop your English Language skills and help you to get to grips with each of the questions for the two papers. I have also popped some English Literature revision tasks and pre-reading tasks inside to help you keep those fresh in your mind too. It is designed for you to dip in and out of but I'd like you to have a go at completing some of the activities before we return in September please. This will help you to keep developing your English skills throughout the holidays. I will be uploading this by Wednesday 15th July, please make sure you come back and take a look!


I hope you have a lovely restful, safe and enjoyable summer holidays. I am really looking forward to seeing you all in September!



Mrs M

Week 14 - Monday 6th July


Hi Year 10


Hope you are all well.


Your work for this week is to revise the Non-Fiction Language skills that we have studied in lesson. There are three lessons within the PPT below, please attempt as many of the activities as you can. I have also attached the relevant texts that you need to be able to complete this - you may find it easier to print out the texts if you can, this way you can highlight and underline them as we would in class. If not, you may be able to do it on whatever device you are using.


The skills you are using here are the ones we have used throughout the year when comparing non-fiction. We have also used them when completing the non-fiction scrapbooks, perhaps start gathering non-fiction texts to continue with this in September. 


Please e-mail me if you are not sure and I will help you as much as I can. Remember to e-mail me your work each week so that I can give you some feedback and see how you are doing smiley


Stay safe.

Mrs M

Week 13 - Monday 29th June


Hi Year 10


Hope you are all well and have enjoyed the weekend.


Thank you to those who completed work last week and e-mailed it over.


This week I would like you to continue your studies on the Jane Eyre extract and work on Question 8 (the writing question). I would like you to use all of your time on your writing piece this week. I would like to see a developed piece (more than just 2 paragraphs!), using a range of techniques to engage your readers and good spelling, punctuation and grammar throughout. Spend time planning your piece, drafting and finalising your written piece. Use the original extract to help you create a tense atmosphere. Write a lot about a little, don't get bogged down in a 'story' but describe the surroundings and build the suspense throughout. There is a success criteria to follow on the worksheet from last week.


Please make sure you have read the extract and attempted the reading questions first. This will help you to understand the kind of atmosphere and tone you need to work towards in your writing piece.


If you were working on the shorter extract tasks, please work on the feedback I have returned to you and continue to develop your writing piece.


Please e-mail me if you need any further help or support and I will get back to you as soon as I can.


Have a good week!


Mrs M



Week 12 - Monday 22nd June


Hi All


I hope you are all well. Thank you for the work you sent in last week, I am super impressed with the effort when approaching some difficult 19th century texts - well done!


This week I have set some work on 'Jane Eyre.' Please find below the extract and questions to complete. Please complete the READING QUESTIONS 1-7 this week - QUESTION 8 WILL BE YOUR WORK FOR NEXT WEEK. You will also find the structure worksheets below to complete Q6 and 7. I have linked a video that shows a little of the fire scene that the extract is from. You can find lots of other clips on YouTube of the story or you may be able to stream the BBC version or any of the film adaptations that have been produced over the years. Even better, you should be able to download the book for free to read if you are interested.


There is also a shorter extract and tasks this week but please only do this if you have been asked to do so.


Continue to send in your reading logs. It would be great to see some 19th century texts on there if you fancy giving yourself a challenge!


Please get in touch if you need any support.

Mrs M


Jane saves Mr. Rochester from the fire│Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre (2011) BBC Focus Pictures based on Charlotte Brontë's novel with the same title * * * * * * * * * Follow: Instagram:

Week 11 - Monday 15th June


Hi Year 10


I hope you are all safe and well. Thank you for sending your work last week, some great work on Frankenstein and Great Expectations - well done!


This week you have an extract from Dracula to get your teeth into! wink I have set you just three reading questions this week as I'd like you to spend a little more time on the writing section. Make sure you take a look at the success criteria and remember to try and write a lot about a little. 


Please use the PETAL guidance from last week if you are unsure how to structure your ideas or any individual feedback I sent to you directly last week.


There is also a smaller extract task from 'The Tell-Tale Heart' this week but please only do this if you have been asked to. This will look at key vocabulary and has a writing task to try and develop our own characters.


Please e-mail me if you are unsure or would like any support with the task at all.


Take care 

Mrs M

Week 10 - Monday 8th June


Hi All


Hope you are all well.


Please find below your English task for this week. It is a similar format to last week but this time you will find an extract from Great Expectations. You may also see some similarities to the Paper 1 work that we have looked at before in lessons. I've also popped a video link below of a great performance from Helena Bonham-Carter as Miss Havisham! 


Well done to those who sent me their work on Frankenstein last week, I was very impressed with the quality of it. Thank you for working so hard!


Please do e-mail me if you need any help at all.


I'd also love to see some more of those reading logs coming in - what have you been reading recently? You may have seen on the blog that I am re-reading the Harry Potter series. I'd love to hear where you are escaping to!


I look forward to hearing from you this week.

Mrs M

Great Expectations (2012) - Miss Havisham

Week 9 - Monday 1st June


Hi Year 10


I hope you all had a good rest over half-term and are ready to get started again this week!


Over the next few weeks we will be concentrating on the fiction and non-fiction reading sections of the GCSE English Language papers. Thrown in will be some 19th century fiction to prepare you for studying a 19th century text in September and a few smaller writing tasks to help continue to develop your creative skills.


This week I would like you to have a go at the Frankenstein task. If any of you did complete this over half-term then please e-mail it to me and I shall take a look. You will find a Frankenstein task, a Shorter Extract of Frankenstein worksheet and a Guidance sheet below. Only complete the shorter extract work if you have been asked to do so please. The guidance sheet reminds you of how to do a language explosion and write a PETAL paragraph. If you are struggling then please do let me know but remember to have a go and try your best! I can help you once you have done this to improve and guide you for any questions where you struggled. Don't forget to spend some time learning any new vocabulary from the text too.


Mrs M

Half-Term Activity


Hi All


I hope you are all safe and well.


I have uploaded an activity below to have a go at over half-term.


Make sure you also get lots of rest and enjoy the sunshine!


Stay safe.

Mrs M

Week 8 - Monday 18th May


Hi Year 10


Thank you to those who completed the tasks from last week. Please e-mail me any work you have been doing over the last few weeks to:


This week I would like you to work on your creative writing skills.


Follow the link to take a virtual tour of the Natural History Museum in London. I particularly liked the ‘Massive Mammals’ section and looking at all of the dinosaur skeletons!


Choose an exhibition, animal or painting as your inspiration. I would like you to write a creative piece using this as your starting point.


Consider how you could turn this into a creative piece. You could:

  • Set your piece in the time period of the exhibit
  • Tell your story through the eyes of an animal
  • Consider what would happen if the exhibits were alive (Think ‘Night at the Museum’)



  • Plan your ideas – this will help the structure of your writing
  • Use a range of descriptive techniques to engage your reader
  • Vary your sentence structures for effect
  • Write in paragraphs
  • Use a range of punctuation
  • Zoom in – say a lot about a little


Please find an extract from ‘Jurassic Park’ to give you some inspiration!


I look forward to reading your work.


Mrs M

Week 7 - Monday 11th May


Hi Year 10


I hope you are all safe and well. 


This week I would like you to complete any tasks that are still outstanding please.


For those of you that are up to date, please spend the time visiting the virtual tours and videos below. Please make notes as you watch.


Please continue to read and fill in your reading logs too - I am currently compiling a blog post of book recommendations so I would really like your input.


Please send any work to: 


Have a good week.


Mrs M



Week 6 - Monday 4th May


Hi Year 10


I have really enjoyed seeing where you have chosen to 'escape' to over the past few weeks. Thank you for those that have sent in work so far, please continue to send it to: 


This week I would like you to 'host' a day to your destination. You will need to get creative and hopefully include your family in your plans!


There are also a choice of English tasks to go alongside this. I would like you to complete two of these - many you can link to planning and preparing for your day. All of the details are in the PPT below. 


Please send me any photographs of your day - I look forward to seeing what you come up with! 


Mrs M

Week 5 - Monday 27th April


Hi Year 10


Thank you to those who sent me work last week. Please can you send any outstanding work, even if not complete, to:


Last week I asked you to 'Escape' for a while. This week I am asking you to 'Experience', even if only virtually! Please see the PPT below for more details. Work through the tasks provided - there is also a note about next week and some prep that you may need to do...


Hope you are all safe and well. Please let me know if you need any help with anything. Some of the work completed last week has been put on the new blog - you can find this in the Home Learning section of the website. It would be great to upload a few more examples for you all to see this week.


Mrs M

Week 4 - Monday 20th April


Hi Year 10


I hope you have had a nice Easter break. Please e-mail me any work that you have completed over the break, either Easter tasks or the work from before the holidays. You do not need to resend any work that you sent to Mrs James but please send everything to me again from now on. My e-mail is: 


Your tasks this week are a little bit different. There will be a range of activities over the next few weeks, some with a more creative or cross-curricular link and others that have specific English skills to work on. 


Please complete all tasks on the PPT and send me what you have achieved at the end of the week. I hope you will enjoy completing them. Please get in touch if you are unsure or would like some support.


Mrs M



Hi Year 10


Thank you for your hard work this week. If you have any outstanding work then please make sure you e-mail it over as soon as it is complete.


Please find below a choice of activities to work on throughout the Easter holidays. Do continue to read and complete your reading logs alongside this.


Please choose two to complete for Monday 20th April.


Have a lovely Easter break. Stay safe.

Mrs M 

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All Year 10 students to forward completed English work to Mrs James until further notice Email:



Week 2 - Home Learning 23rd March


Hi Year 10


Could I please ask you to send any work that you have completed last week to me at the e-mail below. If you are experiencing any difficulties at all then please do get in touch.


By the end of this week I would like you to continue with Non-Fiction Tasks 2 and 3. You can complete them in any order but please e-mail me with anything completed by Friday 27th March. 


I would also like you to be reading a book of your choice. By the end of next week (Friday 3rd April) I would like to receive a completed page in the Reading Log attached below. When you e-mail me any completed work, please also let me know what book you are reading. If you have any problems with this then please let me know.


I hope you are all well and if you need anything at all then please e-mail me.


I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Mrs M

Update - Week 1


Hi Year 10


We have reached the end of the first week of home learning. Thank you to those who have sent completed work to me already. If you haven't, please e-mail me with any completed work, either attach any documents or take a photograph of what has been completed so far. This will help me to set your work for next week.


Please do e-mail me if you have any questions.


Thank you

Mrs M

Hi Year 10


This week I would like you to watch Parts 1-5 of Blood Brothers on YouTube and to complete the four character profiles as requested on the worksheet below.


Please then complete at least Task 1 of the Non-Fiction worksheet. The documents to move onto Task 2 and beyond are also on this page if you need to access them.


Please complete at least 3 hours of English this week and e-mail completed work, either attaching a Word document or a photograph of your work, to the address below. I am also available to e-mail if you have any questions to ask.


I look forward to hearing from you all.



Mrs M

Please feel free to e-mail me at any point with any questions or completed work.


Mrs James e-mail address is: