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Hi Year 11


Thank you for all of your hard work over the past week. If you haven't already, please complete the following pieces of work and e-mail them to me at


  1. Comparative Poetry task (If entered for English Literature)
  2. English Language Writing task - Non-Fiction (ALL students to complete - this can be found under 25th March update if you scroll further down the page)


These must be sent to me by Monday 20th April please. 

For those of you who have finished both pieces of work, I have set some English Language Paper 1 work below to work through over Easter.


I hope you all have a lovely Easter break. Stay safe.


Mrs M




Mr Bruff vs 'The Greatest Showman': AQA English Language Paper 1 Revision Song

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Update - 30th March


Hi Year 11


Just a reminder to all Year 11 students to contact myself on for submission of work and any questions about English Language and Literature until further notice.


Thank you to those who have been in touch this week. 


Below you will find below a PPT presentation that will help you to structure your Poetry response - your task for this week is to complete your Poetry Assessment.


If you have not yet sent me your comparative bubble map, please do this as soon as possible before beginning your response.


Those of you who have already sent your completed essay, please begin to work on the English Language task you will find below. There is a PPT to work through and then a writing task to plan.


If you are not entered for Literature then please work on the Language task below - please submit your plans to me before beginning to write.


Any problems or if you need some extra guidance then please e-mail me at the address above.


I look forward to receiving your essays and plans smiley


Mrs M

Update - 25th March 

English Language task 


Hi Y11


Firstly, please can all Year 11 students now contact myself on for submission of work and any questions about GCSE English Language and Literature until further notice. 


You will find below an English Language task for you all to complete. For those of you who are not studying English Literature, please get started on this today.


If you are currently working on the Poetry Assessment then please continue to do so, e-mailing completed plans or drafts to me at:


You will find below a PPT presentation with some example answers and tasks to look at for English Language Paper 2 Q5 Writing task. You will also find links to Mr Bruff's videos for this question. You will also find the choice of two writing question to plan and then complete. As with the Poetry Assessment, please send me your plan before starting to write.


It is crucial for us to have evidence of the work you are doing at home. Do not hesitate to e-mail if you are unsure or want me to look over anything completed so far. 


Thank you to those who have already submitted work.


Mrs Mellor

March 23rd 2020

Hi Year 11


This week we are going to start the poetry assessment that I will use to grade you for GCSE so it's mega-important. The Power Point below has your assessment questions. You need to choose one question. I want you to:

1. Read the questions and choose one

2. Remind yourself about FOR SALE using the powerpoint

3. Reread your notes on the poems you want to use for the question. Focus on the subject of each poem, the feelings and the language

4. Complete the bubble map (it doesn't need printing - just draw it on a piece of paper)

5. Submit your bubble plan to me


DO NOT START WRITING THE ANSWER UNTIL I'VE SEEN YOUR PLAN. I will provide another PowerPoint with instructions on how to start writing your answer. 


Please submit plans by Thursday 26th March 


Thank you


Mrs W 


Update: It's been the first week of learning from home and a massive well done to those of you who have submitted work. The Government have now confirmed that teachers will need to assess your work to decide a GCSE grade. This means working from home is more important than ever. If we don't have the work, it will mean we have to submit a lower grade.


The Government have also now said that, if you're not happy with your assessment GCSE grade, you can choose to sit your GCSE exams later in the academic year. However, it will be much easier to get your English grades now rather than later after you've left Merit. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose.


All work for this week needs to be submitted to by Sunday 22nd March. We will be contacting parents on Monday to discuss the progress you are making. 


Mrs W

Week One - Home Learning 18th March


Hi Year 11,


This week I would like you to complete your Power and Conflict CGP workbooks. When you are going to start studying a poem I would like you to watch the Mr Bruff tutorial on the poems - click on Ozymandias on the bottom of this page to find them all. I would like photos of completed workbook pages emailed to me a Any questions can be emailed to me at that address too.


You need to complete at least 3 hours English this week!


I look forward to hearing from you


Mrs W laugh

Blood Brothers Part 1

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Power and Conflict Revision Rap: 15 Quotations to Music

Mr Bruff provides short guides to each of the Power and Conflict poems. If you click on Ozymandias below it will link to all the other anthology poems. 

Percy Shelley's 'Ozymandias': Mr Bruff Analysis

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