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Competition Time

Bake-Off Winners Announced


1st Prize: Georgie Shaw for her incredible biscuit tribute to the NHS

2nd Prize: Demii Heal for her beautiful rainbow heart cookies

Staff Prize: Mrs Keates and her sons for their perfectly iced butterfly and skull biscuits


Thank you to everyone who took part - what a shame we can't taste them all!

Merit Bake-off


Biscuit challenge


You need to bake a set of 6 identical biscuits.


Please submit your recipe, method and a photo of the biscuits (ideally with you in it)  to gain the maximum points available.


You might choose to use a classic recipe or adapt one of your family favourites.

You could use recipe books, the internet or watch an episode of the Great British Bake off for ideas.


Students and staff should send their entries to Mrs Ball  (biscuit picture only required) by Thursday 7th May

Why not try and create some dishes from the Merit recipe booklet below?