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Week commencing 11.05.20

Hi KS3

I hope you enjoyed a lovely day off on Friday. Thank you to those that have completed some of the art that was set before Easter. I look forward to more completed artwork coming in this week.


I am setting a new art task for the next two weeks. I would like you to collect things from nature (from in your own garden or from on the ground during a walk outdoors) and make a picture collage from them. Things like twigs, leaves, small stones and flowers are all effective but please don't pick flowers from public places. Use the example pictures for inspiration but please come up with your own unique work.

I can't wait to see what you come up with☺

Inspiration 😏

Inspiration 😏 1
Inspiration 😏 2
Inspiration 😏 3
Inspiration 😏 4
Inspiration 😏 5
Inspiration 😏 6

Hi KS3,


I hope you are all well and using your time at home productively.


I have uploaded an art project for you to work your way through over the next few weeks, as and when you can. You can work through the tasks at your own pace. The project booklet is due in by 6th May 2020.


The activities will use some of the skills you have already mastered and will also challenge you to extend your artist knowledge and use of new media and techniques. The activities can be completed with few resources, however please email me if you have any queries about this. My email address is: 


I look forward to seeing your creativity being used to produce some amazing artwork!


Mrs Keates