SEND at Merit

Merit will ensure that where provision for special educational needs (SEND) is required: that it is continued if already started, and be initiated if not, and also that the provision of an educational health care plan will be pursued. Merit will liaise with mainstream provision and arrange for students to see an educational psychologist where necessary. (Schools need to agree to this before admission.)


There are a range of interventions delivered at Merit including specialist teaching programmes for literacy and maths as well as communication, social and cognitive development programmes. The same team that provides the withdrawal programmes also provide in class support so there is an opportunity to transfer learning and reinforce specific skills which have been covered.


Most classes have specialist support which reinforces learning and enables students to access help immediately.

SEND is part of the wrap around care provided at Merit, which includes the opportunity for counselling by fully qualified counsellors. Students may also access the Consultant Psychologist employed by Merit who is able to complete a full psychological and therapeutic analysis which leads to a diagnosis and a report giving supportive strategies. (Diagnosis is not available for ASD / ADHD). This service is also available to students not on the Merit role and may be accessed through their mainstream school.


Within SEND, as well as throughout all services delivered at Merit, it is the student who is most important. All staff are led by our newly qualified SEND co-ordinator with regard to everything concerned with SEND. Our SENDCo has a thorough and up to date knowledge of SEND matters and is committed to support all students especially those with SEND.