School Uniform

At Merit we place an emphasis on pride in being part of our community. A visible indication of this is in the standard of students’ uniform. We ask for your support in our continued drive for consistency.

Please read below to clarify what the school uniform should be to ensure that your son/ daughter is fully prepared with the correct uniform.

We will maintain a small store of spare items to enable students and families who are having a ‘bad day’ to maintain high standards while they rectify the situation. Should this be the case please provide your child with a note explaining the situation and an indication of when the issue will be rectified (eg “sole fallen off shoes, buying new ones tonight”). Staff are asked to monitor uniform on a regular basis and to contact home should concerns arise.

 ItemUniform Consequence 
TrousersSmart, tailored, plain, black trousers of waist height and full length. (No jeans, denims, chinos, cords, combats, hipsters, skinny fit, leggings, recent fashion trend or other casual trouser). Trousers acceptable to mainstream schools and as seen in most supermarkets are our uniform.Alternative trousers provided or sent home to change into appropriate clothing. 
SkirtsBlack unembellished skirt of knee length.
(No very short or casual / fashion trend skirts.) 
 Sent home to change if inappropriate.
T-ShirtRed polo shirt as provided with Merit logo or without logo if purchased elsewhere.Alternative polo shirt provided or sent home to change into appropriate clothing.
JumpersPlain black jumper or cardigan or jacket which would be acceptable to a mainstream school.Alternative jumper provided or sent home to change into appropriate clothing.
HoodiesHoodie provided by Merit with logo only.Remove inappropriate garments.
ShoesPlain black leather or leather effect shoes. No trainers (regardless of colour), canvas shoes or boots of any description. Black pumps provided or sent home to change into appropriate footwear.
JewelleryOne small single stud in each ear lobe, wrist watch. No ear stretchers / tapers/ spike earrings, no large studs, no other visible piercings eg tongue, nose, lip or eyebrow.Jewellery will be confiscated until the end of the day.
Make Up / HairNo excessive make up (including false eyelashes) or hair colour or extreme style. This will be at the discretion of the staff.Students will be asked to remove any excess make up. Face wipes for sensitive skins will be provided.
CoatsCoats will be removed and hung up on arrival at school. Coats will not be permitted in classrooms. 

It is difficult for some students to get home and in these cases a taxi will be organised and parents expected to pay on arrival as necessary. Students will also be expected to return to school in the correct uniform as soon as possible. If a student cannot get home they will be kept in isolation.

Following the uniform guidelines at Merit reinforces the correct standard of dress for mainstream school, college and work and prepares our students for the next step of their career.

Thank you for your help and support with this.