Post 16

Students in Year 11 are often with us until they take their GCSE exams. They are expected to participate in college taster sessions and for some, transition programmes for college are successfully introduced. Merit students are supported throughout the whole process by staff they know and trust although they are encouraged to become independent as soon as possible.

The intimate nature of Merit and the small school environment means that staff know each individual student extremely well and it is sometimes more difficult for Merit to let go than it is for the student to leave!

We are proud of our students who move on to further education and other provision and continue to follow their progress with interest. If a Merit student starts to ‘wobble’ during the first term at college or placement Merit staff will endeavour to support them and remind them how much they have achieved and how far they have come. A small amount of support at this stage has meant that students have successfully managed to complete their course.

Links have been forged with mentors and staff at colleges in Stoke and this relationship makes it easy to give advice and support from a distance if required.

We ask all students who take GCSEs with us to return to Merit to collect their certificates and touch base with their old Merit classmates either late in the autumn term or early in the spring term. This is usually in the afternoon / early evening and is a very happy occasion.