Parent’s Evening

At Merit we do not have the usual evening meetings as held in many mainstream schools. Instead we hold a target setting day towards the end of each term.

At this meeting a student’s targets are reviewed and new targets are set. Targets are determined in every subject and importantly attendance targets are also included although within Merit there is always an expectation of 100%.

We try and combine target setting day with some ‘event’ at Merit and often this is a celebration assembly or display of music or drama. If there is nothing appropriate available at the time the day is held then we offer refreshments and an opportunity to socialise with other parents / carers and often to compare notes!

There is an additional parental meeting arranged in February for parents of year 11 students. This is the last opportunity to give some strong messages regarding the summer examinations. It is not too late at this stage if there are problems but we may well be asking parents / carers for help if required grades are to be achieved.

Parents are always welcome in Merit although it is important to remember that we are a school so please ring and make sure that a particular member of staff is available to speak with you, before you come in.