Merit offers a range of outreach opportunities to schools and to individuals. Some examples are:-

  • Merit staff have supported in mainstream schools when a student has been reintegrating.

  • Merit staff have led a mainstream school staff meeting identifying successful strategies used when dealing with a student with mental health.

  • A specialist Merit teacher has taught a small group in a primary school to ensure level 6 was achieved. It was also possible to include development work towards GCSE standard.

  • Schools who have been unsure whether a student has behavioural or mental health needs have commissioned a psychological assessment and analysis from Dr Cornes. This has taken place at Merit and outcomes and a suggested programme of action is fed back to the school.

  • Training sessions are held at Merit with a focus on mental health and opened to other mainstream schools.

  • P4C training was opened to schools across the City.

  • Mainstream schools have sent students to have an assessment and subsequently sought advice as to how to improve confidence, self-esteem, self-regulation, empathy etc.

  • Merit has provided respite in the form of a fixed term placement for a student and school in crisis.

  • Group sessions have been held for Year 6 Primary students to help with transition and also for Year 5 students who have not developed. socially in line with expectations.

  • Limited Post 16 support (as required) linking with college mentors and students.