Independent Travel

Most of our students travel to Merit and are taken home by taxi. However we do work on independent travel experiences in preparation for later life.

This is especially true in year 11.

The year 11 students are supported in using local transport home throughout the year. A few students at a time are taken to Hanley bus station and it is established that they know which bus to catch. A member of staff will follow if necessary to make sure students get off at the correct stop.

This is developed so students are confident with travelling independently and eventually when they are secure, afternoon taxis are stopped and they travel home by bus each day.

Some students will also come by bus in the morning which is encouraged as preparation for their GCSE exams. It is explained to the students that they would not wish to have to remain at Merit until the end of the day when an exam might finish at 10:30 in the morning or come in first thing for an exam starting at 1:00pm. All students have agreed with this!

Merit provides bus passes for independent travel purposes only.

Once year 11 students have left, the year 10 students are given some opportunities for independent travel but only if it is felt to be appropriate by staff and in agreement with parents / carer.

KS3 students are not usually involved with independent travel.