Home & Personal Tuition

Merit has established a bank of outstanding personal tutors who cover the whole range of education from Nursery to Post 16. As qualified teachers with an enormous amount of educational experience they are a talented team who provide quality education while at the same time building relationships designed to promote confidence and self-esteem. They may educate in the home initially but this is soon developed into education outside of the home which is so much more productive. Successful and supportive relationships are formed with the family as well as the student and the role of the personal tutor often spills over into mainstream school and Merit as students are brought back into some form of mainstream education.

There are two home tutors who deal with students who are unable to access education outside of the home for medical reasons. Their specialised and committed input has transformed the lives of the young people in their care. As always in education the progress of learning is monitored carefully and outcomes achieved have exceed all expectations.

The whole team of personal and home tutors is exceptional in that each and every member has outstanding commitment, tenacity and creativity. It is an area of Merit which is developing and expanding and already the foundations are secure and young people are able to access the education they are entitled to.

For further information please contact the Personal Tutor Co-ordinator Mrs S Whiteley on 01782 236412 or mpru@meritpru-stoke.org.uk