Year 7 Baseline Testing - CATS

Once a student arrives at Merit they bring a lot of information from their referring school however sometimes they have not been in school for a while or things have not been progressing particularly well. It is necessary therefore to complete a range of assessments to obtain a clear picture of the current position.

These include:-

CAT tests in Maths, English and non-verbal reasoning. This gives an idea of student potential and where each individual should be in their educational development.

This is supported by teacher assessment which is completed as soon as possible and within the first two weeks. This identifies how much work is required for students to catch up and regain their expected position of development.

On entry students complete a reading and spelling screen to give us an idea of their level of literacy and to highlight if any intervention is required.

Students complete a strengths test in preparation for their wellbeing sessions and their key note strengths are identified.

Students also complete an assessment of their emotional intelligence called an EQ test. This identifies another area to be addressed through therapeutic wellbeing and whole school approaches.

Staff complete a Behaviour for Learning assessment and our Theraputic team complete psychometric tests, Becks Youth Inventory, Becks Resiliency Scales, SDQ & CORE 10.

There is a lot of assessment but this gives us a full picture of a student and enables us to focus on elements which will be of the greatest help and support.

It is important that students undergoing these assessments recognise that these are not tests that they can pass or fail, but rather a snapshot of where they are now.

The most difficult aspect of all this assessment is the amount of time it takes and students often feel ‘tested out’ but they are supported throughout the process by one of the support team and there are regular breaks and refreshments!