Activities and Clubs

There are a range of activities for students at lunch time such as:

  • Music
  • Knit and natter
  • Board games
  • Football
  • Craft
  • Art
  • Reading club

...with revision sessions and more specialist subject activities being held for short periods of time as necessary or required.

It is more difficult to organise after school clubs as the majority of students go home in a taxi but currently there is a music club being held on Thursaday after school which has a growing attendance and level of enjoyment which is always high. Run by Jonny Amos of ex ‘Red Rebels’ fame, Merit resounds to acoustic guitars and drums as well as singing and other musical accompaniments.

Even students with no real interest in music have become involved as they have written lyrics, been a critical audience or helped with the setting up of the equipment. All are welcome.