Achievement and Celebration

At Merit we celebrate everything we can which mounts up to an awful lot of rewards. These might be tangible in the form of vouchers or prizes, a letter home or praise from a member of staff.

The 'every day' way of celebration is by achieving a merit slip for doing something ‘extra’ in a lesson. This is exchanged for a tangible reward from the Head Teacher and praise is given.

Every student automatically achieves merits (our reward token) when they attend a lesson. Of course if they should not comply with our behaviour and learning expectations they will lose it.

Merits may also be achieved through producing exceptional work, completing a service to the school or community or going that ‘extra mile’ with their work or with other people.

Merits are achieved through good attendance too and attendance also is rewarded in a number of ways.

  • There is a weekly draw for all those who have achieved 100% attendance the previous week
  • Prizes are awarded for those who have most improved their attendance
  • Spot prizes of Mc Donald’s / Pizza for all those who achieved 100% for a specific week
  • Each week a slip is given to take home to parents identifying the attendance of the previous week

At the end of every term there is a celebration assembly where the team with the most merits is rewarded, the 100% attendance students are given vouchers, also the student with the most improved attendance. The team with the best attendance is rewarded, each subject area awards a prize to one student and there are individual prizes, a community prize, a Head teacher’s award and many other prizes and rewards issued to celebrate success.

Some of the celebration may be for a huge achievement such as passing an exam but for others small steps are recognised and all students who make progress in any area should celebrated.

Within Merit we have a motto that ‘we never go backwards’ and each small step on our journey to success is an important one and worthy of celebration and reward.